15th April 2016


There is not work without struggle. But if your work is all struggle, then you’re actually damaging yourself, and probably your world and those around you that you love, too. We need a sense of the eternal in our labors, in our work, a sense of spaciousness where we’re not waking up into the great “to do” list of life, but we’re actually at some kind of spacious frontier where time is growing from your experience. It’s what Blake would have called “a moment of eternity.” Blake also said there’s a moment in every day that Satan cannot find, and that’s your moment, that’s your moment when you feel like you belong, and you’re doing the right thing in the right way for the right people. And so, in order to garner that for yourself, you must have some form of courageous conversation running like a thread through your work. In order to break out from the imprisoning forces that are enormous around work, you must constantly and cyclically visit this frontier of courage in which you must make yourself visible, speak out, and through that conversation transform your arrangements, your life, your career, the people you work with, the organization you work for.

~~David Whyte


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