25th April 2016

jean vanier

Community is a terrible place where our limitations and egoisms are revealed to us. When we begin to live full time with others we discover our poverty and our weakness, our inability to get on with others . . . our mental and emotional blocks; our affective and sexual disturbances, our frustrations and jealousies . . . and our hatred and desire to destroy.

~~Jean Vanier


4 thoughts on “25th April 2016

  1. No doubt that life in community is challenging and can reveal us to ourselves deeply, but I miss any sign of hope and grace in this quote and wonder if it comes from a larger context. I don’t think people are called to rugged individualism, but rather to seeing God at work in community in ways which transcend our human failings.

    • You’re right. It does miss the larger context as the L’Arche communities were founded by Jean Vanier (in 1964) and have grown to 147 communities in 35 countries. But, because they are focused on people with intellectual disabilities, they bring their own particular problems to community and in this case the hope is just that–seeing God at work in this unusual community.

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