9th July 2016

Allan boesak

True reconciliation cannot take place without confrontation. Reconciliation is not feeling good; it is coming to grips with evil. In order to reconcile, Christ had to die. We must not deceive ourselves. Reconciliation does not mean holding hands and singing “black and white together.” It means, rather, death and suffering, giving up one’s life for the sake of the other. If white and black Christians fail to understand this, we shall not be truly reconciled. So it is with peace. One is not at peace with God and one’s neighbor because one has succeeded in closing one’s eyes to the realities of evil. Neither is peace a situation where terrorism of the defenseless is acceptable because it is being done in the guise of the law . . . Peace is not simply the absence of war or an uneasy quiet in townships. Peace is the active presence of justice. It is shalom, the well-being of all.

~~Allan Boesak


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