22nd August 2016


In a small village in Czechoslovakia there was a baker whose family noticed that he was losing interest in work. He went off alone a great deal, was in a fit of depression most of the time and finally closed his shop. The family was very worried and puzzled. One day, sometime later, they were overjoyed to note that in the early morning the baker had descended from his apartment, threw open the shutters and the smell of freshly-baked bread arose once more–this after months of the strangest kind of silence. When the family came down they noticed something almost equally strange. As the people came in, the baker handed them a paper with this message: “From now on I am giving away my bread. I have come to realize that bread belongs to the hungry.” The people read the message, took a loaf of bread and left without paying. Doctors and learned people of the town were consulted by the family, and the baker was pronounced insane. And they led him away. The baker, we are told, went with a certain contentment because, as he said to his little daughter, “My master had always given away bread and gotten into trouble.”

~~Daniel Berrigan


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