17th May 2019


From where I came I will return. Born from the womb of Mother Earth and weaned from her I grew, as the grass grows upon her lap, receiving nourishment. I am grateful. My roots strong, I was given wings. I sprang into my life cycle–I traveled in a circle with no end, as the seasons and years run one into another since time began. I was carried by the wind. I have tried to walk the good red road through life’s events, at one with nature. My life, my pace, my whole being touched by the heartbeat of this living planet–this island in the sky which is touched by the heartbeat of the universe. There is continuity–a joint of it all. All this is the work of the Creator. I am but one part of a harmonious creation–one element of nature, a body spinning with all–a satellite within the ripples from the center. I am at the center–at all times with the Creator. I cannot separate myself from the center, which is our Creator.

~~North American Indian–Nakoma

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